Home Renovations

Home Renovations

Renovation Projects

We specialize in:

High-end kitchen renovations
Luxury bathroom remodels
Whole-home restorations
Home additions/ expansions
Custom cabinetry and built-ins from our shop
Bonus room / Basement renovations

Restoration Projects

Restoration projects are often a combination restoration and renovation.


Our team is well-versed in the history of the construction process, and knowing this history is crucial to restoration projects.


For example, if a customer wants to add a few rooms to their older home, we stay true to the original style of the home by matching not only the colors and visible materials but also the hidden structural materials. We strive to maintain the original integrity of the design and quality of craftsmanship so it will be very difficult to tell where our work begins and the original work ends.


You’ll Enjoy Working with Our Team

We know that you may be living in your home during the renovation process, and we have excellent workers who understand how to respect your space and give you the privacy you need. You’ll find many of our references have high remarks for our workers.


Learn more about the professional team who will be working on your home.


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